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We are launching Pre-order of our newest Linen Suit.
We invite you to subscribe to our Wishlist today and get the first detailed information about the start of the pre-order and the entire process related to it.

You can choose your color and size today. You can also reserve only pants or just a jacket. Write us about it in the comment in the form below.

This time we offer three color versions: blue, green emerald and delicate, light pink. All combinations are possible.


The Blazer has long been waiting for her grand step onto the stage. We needed some time to choose the right cut to suit perfectly your needs. 

It finally tadam! 

A simple form that will survive the trends, a beautiful round collar, deep pockets for comfort, length below the hips for style. We decided to only lining the sleeves and the yoke, and small pillows on the shoulders. This makes the jacket light and airy, while keeping the shape.

paperbag pants

Especially for you, we have prepared paperbag pants with a high waist, tied with a belt and with narrowed legs.

We designed them so that the state stops below the navel line and is welded to different sizes of hips. We have worked a long time on the height of the waist to achieve a well-fitting cut that accentuates the figure, conforms to different morphologies. 

Thanks to a specially created asymmetric fastening, they can be tied higher in the waist or lower on the hips, depending on your preferences and figure.

100% linen

We have chosen a very beautiful 100% linen fabric. Linen is guaranteed without chemicals harmful to the environment, ultra light, soft and comfortable.

We currently have two linen suppliers depending on the color and weight of the fabric. Our suppliers process and dye the fabric.

One of them is Swiat Lnu, Poland, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which ensures that the fabrics are dyed without harmful chemicals.

The second supplier is Biotextil. Biotextil buys flax from Polish and European producers (Belgium, Belarus, France…) and makes his own mixtures of colors. Each year this supplier provides us the declaration of non-toxicity of the fabric.




Reason number 1. Pre-order is sustainable.

Thanks to this, we sew as much as needed, without wasting raw materials, energy and water. No overproduction. Which is good for the planet because we’re not creating excess. We sew about 10% more for any changes.

Reason No. 2. Pre-order is economic.

It is beneficial for you because you can purchase your Linen Suit at a lower price. Thanks to this, we work without intermediaries, and thus without the need to increase costs. We do not pay for additional storage fees, we save on resellers’ margins, and overproduction costs.  We have no dead-stocks. Zero waste.

Because #thereisnoplanetb

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Copyright Wild’n’Slow 2023

Copyright Wild’n’Slow 2023